Sep 20, 2015

Mind Games

So I rock up at my chosen launching destination, 6.30am, suns rising low to the east, only just above the tree tops, mountains without houses hug the north, west and southern directions of the lake, and mist risers about a foot off the sheet glass smooth water, no wind, no people, just me, a bird or two, and what feels like the opening scenes to a great thriller movie,only this is real life, and I'm the main star.

I walk down to the waters edge and look out to the open water, to the dead trees rising out above the water, to the islands of trees scattered around the lake, looking for any signs of life.
Nothing, no movement of any kind.
Feels a little eerie.  The air feels cool.
Definitely feels like a thriller or horror move.

I walk back to the car, unload my board and paddle, and get into my gear.
Once ready, I lock the car and walk my board to the waters edge.
This is my favorite time, throwing my board onto the water, attaching my legrope, grabbing my paddle, then throwing myself onto my board, while the board takes off from the momentum, I stand, brace myself, check my stance, and get a couple of slow paddles in, ahhhh I breathe.
I take in the magical sights around me, 360 degrees of absolute perfection, and no one to share it with.
Not a single person.
Wow this is incredible.  I paddle on out into the lake.

I keep looking for signs of life and come up empty, I look deep into the trees, no one with guns pointed out at me, nope, all looks clear.
It feels a little uneasy being the only human on this vast expanse of water, incredible that this can be the case, but then I remember, I've lived here for over 20years, and this is the very first time I have used the lake, wow my own private training ground, very cool...very eerie.
I must stop watching scary movies.

Wait! What was that?
A shark?
I'm a 100 meters easy off the nearest point of any kind of land, still no other human in site, who can save me if it eats me?
Hang on a tick, isn't this a freshwater lake? Do they live in freshwater lakes?
My mind is racing a million miles an hour.
I paddle a little edgy and timidly in the direction of this "shark". It doesn't seem to be moving very fast.
As I get closer, I find its a bunch of branches growing out of the water, and no, it's not moving, it's fixed in place.
Woohoo! I'm alive, I'm scared, this place is magical, amazingly beautiful, but just as equally frightening due to the images in my head of some great film making I've watched.