Chasing Dolphins

So lucky and thankful to arrive at the water and have a pod of dolphins waiting to play with us. They where keen to make us chase them, probs because we kept them waiting.
Best way to start the day. Thanks for viewing.

The Day After (part 4)

Dodging the floating trees - surf session

The Day After (part 3)

Found this boat drifting out towards the huge surf smashing the coastline. Decided it was best to paddle it in away from any sort of disaster.

The Day After (part 2)

SUP session 5th June 2016.
Yesterday the east coast of Oz copped a flogging from rain and huge waves, todays dawn session shows the debris leftover.
PART 2: I take a paddle thru the trees, and attempt to save someone's boat from washing into the huge waves and being destroyed, with the help of my best man Brad, and sister Relz.
Never have we seen the swell like this at this location on the East coast. This has got to be one of my favourite paddle sessions.

The Day After (part 1)

Huge surf and a storm battered the coast the day and night before.
PART 1: We paddle out at dawn with all the debris and witness swell in places never seen before at this location.

First Day of Winter 2016 SUP Session

Paddling out before first light,
Watch the amazing sunrise unfold with us as we as paddle.

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